Statement from Shir Hatzafon in connection with the terrorist attack in Copenhagen

Dear members and friends of Shir Hatzafon,We woke up to terrible news this Sunday morning. We are dismayed by the night’s attack on a social event at The Jewish House behind the synagogue in Krystalgade and yesterday’s attack on a debate event in Copenhagen.

Dan Uzan, a 37-year old Jewish man, was fatally shot while monitoring the entrance to the synagogue compound while a Bat Mitzvah celebration was underway inside. Our prayers and thoughts go now to Dan Uzan’s family and friends and as well as to those of 55-year old film director Finn Nørgaard, who yesterday was murdered at the Krudttønden culture house, and to the five police officers who were wounded while on guard.

Shir Hatzafon’s Board has today been in direct contact with the leadership of The Jewish Community in Denmark, both to express our condolences and very practically to continue to do our part in the good cooperation we have with them concerning security.

The extremist killers in Paris and Copenhagen have tried to get us to remain silent in fear. We will not let their atrocities subdue us, but will continue to protect and strengthen our Jewish communities and also continue to engage openly in society. It is in this spirit that we will maintain our planned activities: services in the near future and our participation in ØresundsLimmud.

We are constantly in touch with the Jewish Community’s security team and the police, both are informed about our upcoming activities and will provide the appropriate security.

Jesper Yoel Andersen
Shir Hatzafon Chairperson