Statement from the board of Shir Hatzafon

Dear members and friends of Shir Hatzafon,

Denmark has once again found its way into the headlines as the scene of a hate crime against a religious minority.

Shir Hatzafon, Progressive Judaism in Denmark, strongly condemns this act of arson against The Islamic Community. We find it deeply troubling that the event put families and children attending a Sunday school in danger.

Please note that on Saturday, August 22 at 15:00 a peace ring will surround the mosque Masjid Wakf, Dortheavej 45, 2400 Copenhagen NV. People from all religious backgrounds, political views and ethnic origin will join to counter the hatred and fear that lies behind the arson.

An outstretched hand is a step on the road to unity and common understanding.

The Board of Shir Hatzafon