Affiliation with Liberal Judaism

Dear members and friends of Shir Hatzafon,
After much consideration and negotiation, the board of Shir Hatzafon has applied and been accepted as an associate member of the community of Liberal Judaism in the United Kingdom. Our association will take effect from January 1st 2016.
The board has taken this initiative in order to strengthen the quality and range of activities available to our membership and in particular, to offer new activities to young members from all age groups. The professional resources of Liberal Judaism available to us include assistance with education, recruitment, fundraising, communication and organisational and religious issues.
We will have access to professional contacts in these fields, and to the comprehensive archives of Liberal Judaism and the information they have published. The goal is to help liberal congregations in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and now also Denmark to maintain leadership in defining progressive Jewish thought, an effort that will benefit current members and serve as a cornerstone in our efforts to recruit new members.
Another important benefit of our affiliation with Liberal Judaism is that Rabbi Sandra Kviat will be able to visit us several times a year to lead services and work with children and young people in our congregation (in Danish). We also have plans for Sandra to work closely with Rabbi Tirzah ben David in 2016 on our conversion programme. She would initially be a back-up teacher but in the long term, gradually take over responsibility for this important activity.
Shir Hatzafon has been invited to participate in meetings, conferences and educational initiatives on an equal footing with the other congregations in Liberal Judaism.
Shir Hatzafon has grown and diversified since we started and it has become increasingly difficult to find volunteers who have the time and the organisational talent to develop our community further.
Liberal Judaism shares the values on which Shir Hatzafon was founded. Working with Liberal Judaism is therefore the most rational step in ensuring the continued development of our community, whilst retaining our sovereign right to make decisions on issues within our own organisation.
Affiliation with Liberal Judaism and becoming a part of the extensive Liberal Jewish community in the UK and other countries is not without cost. The board has, however, been able to negotiate a favourable membership price.
We are convinced that affiliation with Liberal Judaism will be of mutual benefit to both parts in both the short term and the long term.
We will strengthen our organization internally and in cooperation with Liberal Judaism, hope to spread knowledge of Shir Hatzafon and the values of progressive Judaism.
The Board of Shir Hatzafon