Cantor Dorothy Goldberg

Cantor Dorothy Goldberg moved to Copenhagen from Portland, Oregon in 2020, and there was delighted to join Rabbis Rebecca Lillian  and Sandra Kviat as Shir Hatzafon’s chazzan in March of 2021.  Before moving to Europe, Dorothy Goldberg served both Reform and Conservative congregations in Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dorothy has a special interest in end-of-life issues and is especially proud of having helped found Chevra Kadisha groups for progressive synagogues in Connecticut and San Juan. Dorothy has served as a hospital and hospice chaplain, spending more than a year in formal Clinical Pastoral Education training at Yale/New Haven Hospital in Connecticut and Providence Portland Medical Center in Portland .  She was the Cascades Region Lead of Disaster Spiritual Care for the Red Cross from 2019-2021 and is still on this team.

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