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Summary of personal data processing in Shir Hatzafon

This list is intended to explain the personal data processing obligations that an association has, pursuant to
the General Personal Data Regulation. Associations are obliged to comply in full, so we are required to
prepare a list of both general personal data and sensitive personal data (such as criminal records and CPR
numbers) that we store. Sensitive personal data must be treated with a higher level of protection than
general personal data.

List of personal data processing activities in Shir Hatzafon CVR 28403240
Latest update of the document: May 25, 2018

1. Who is responsible for personal data
protection in Shir Hatzafon?

The entire board

2. What is the purpose of personal data

Handling membership (new members, resignations
existing members), donors and donations,
communication, meetings, annual general
meetings, billing, reporting of individual donations
to the tax authorities.

3. What personal data do we process?

Ordinary personal data:
a) Name
b) E-mail address
c) Address
d) Members and donors CPR numbers

4. Whose information do we process?

We process data on the following:
a) Members / Associate members
b) The board
c) Donors
d) People on our mailing lists (recipients of
our calendar and newsletter)

5. Who do we pass information on to?

For members and donors who have given us their
CPR numbers, we report the amount donated each
year to the tax authorities “SKAT”, thus allowing
them to receive the tax refund to which they are

6. When do we delete personal data in Shir

We retain ordinary personal data for up to five
years after a person resigns their membership or
removes them self from the mailing list.

7. How do we store personal data in Shir

Data is stored in:
a) E-conomic (including cpr number)
b) Mail Chimp
c) Microsoft Office 365, in Outlook mail boxes

8. What would we do in the event of a
security breach affecting personal data:

This would be reported to the authorities

Privacy Policy for Shir Hatzafon
May 25, 2018
Shir Hatzafon’s data responsibility

We process personal information and we have therefore adopted this Privacy Policy, which briefly tells you how we treat your personal information.
We treat only personal information for specific purposes based on legitimate interests. We process only personal information that is relevant and necessary for fulfilling the stated purposes and we will delete your information when it is no longer necessary.

Contact information on the data controller.
Contact: Shir Hatzafon
Address: Krystalgade 12, 1172 Copenhagen K
CVR: 28403240
web site:

Processing of personal data:

The following personal information is processed:
Information on members , associate members and other donors:
Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, cpr-number (for tax refund purposes).
All this information has been provided by the member herself or himself.
Information on non-members who have expressed a wish to receive mailings from Shir Hatzafon:
Name, address, e-mail address, provided by the person herself or himself.

The congregation’s purpose in processing personal data.

Your personal information is used for handling donations, payments and refunds and for communication. If
you are eligible for tax refunds and you have provided us with your CPR number, we will report the amount
that you have donated to Shir Hatzafon during the previous year, to the authorities “SKAT” each January so
that it can appear on your tax return. No personal data will be disclosed to third parties.

Storage and deletion of your personal information.

Your personal information will be retained for a period, should you resign your membership, in accordance
with the following criteria:

  • For practical and administrative reasons, your membership information is stored for up to 5 years after your resignation.
Your rights:

You have a number of special rights under the General Data Protection Regulation when we process
personal information about you:

  • The right to be informed about how we make use of your data
  • The right to access your own personal data
  • The right to correct erroneous data
  • The right to delete your own personal data
  • The right to restrict the processing of your data
  • The right to access the data that you have provided.
  • The right to object

You may make use of your rights, including the right to object to our treatment of your data, by contacting us. You can find our contact information at the top. For example, if you ask us to correct or delete your personal information, we will investigate whether the conditions are met and if so, make changes or deletions as soon as possible.

Revision of privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy from time to time. Changes will change the date at the top of the privacy policy. The current privacy policy will be available on our website.
You will receive notification in the event of significant changes.

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